A full-service photo studio

Hi, I am a delhi based photographer.I have a studio setup near my residence. My specialized areas of photography are small & big products,  food photography for packaged shots, magazines and cookbooks,  last but not the least portraiture.My approach towards shoot is always starts at client’s office in brainstorming. My ideology is to know  what a client wants in the final output of his product. Only after it my endeavour begins in accomplishing it. At the same time I also keep a little room for new innovations to make  products stand out. As creativity is not bound to fixed market trend it must be explored and goes out of the box. Lighting is the main element in any kind of photography. Lighting can create mood and direction, also, grab attention of the viewer. I look my every shoot as a new barrier to overcome. I follow the phrase ‘The day you become satisfied of your photography, will be the day you stop learning and closed for new things’. So, the motto should be, to keep learning till you are holding a camera in your hands.

My studio is fully equipped with studio lights and different modifiers which come handy depending on the nature of  shoot.Shoots are done with full- frame dslr camera with good quality lenses.

Location shoots are also considered depending on the type of products.

Services like white background cutouts , photo retouching , color manipulation are all done under one roof.


For product and food photography depending on the requirement, shoots are done on location or at my studio.

For portfolios I always prefer to go outdoor for exotic location and for natural beauty of nature.

For Portraits, background is made for dramatic effects and for simple head shots…


Utmost care is taken for the products which get delivered at my studio for the shoot. Carefully handled and properly packed back after the completion of the shoot. Gloves are used for products like glass and reflective products to avoid stains.


With experience of 5 years working with agencies and different people have given me the opportunity to expand further. Experience only comes with work . More u shoot more experienced u become..

Flexible schedule

Shoots are properly managed and coordinated with the client for hassle free relation. Shoot dates must be confirmed at least 2 days prior.

Best prices

Here you will only get a fare deal. Pricing is set after the quantity and duration of shoot.

Latest technology

Good quality of equipment is used for best output of a product. Depending of the nature and requirement of shoot, planning is done for choosing lighting and lenses to be used ..

Individual approach

My approach is simple and clear. Every shoot is welcomed and executed from heart and with utmost creativity for better result. I don’t take my photography profession as a business.. Its a discipline of creativity and heart. So, I always enjoy shooting and try to explore new ways to make it better.


Everything is possible