I am a delhi based freelance commercial and fitness & lifestyle photographer. As we all know commercial photography other than wildlife and travel photography is very specific. As we are bound to listen our clients and take the final shot accordingly. I have been taking commercial pictures ever since I decided to grab the camera. But being a travel lover and my likeness to stroll in the streets. I keep shooting street photographs for my love to communicate with people through my imagery and share the love of the genre. Whenever I walk down in the street there is always a new level of excitement that ignites passion to click. As a photographer especially when you are on the street, you begin to feel beauty everywhere. You just need to awaken your inner self.

Paris is said to be the birthplace of street photography. The cosmopolitan city helped to define street photography as a genre. Till late 20s the main focus of the street photographers was mainly on architecture, stairs, gardens, windows and roads. And, later came poetic style which focused on the actions of people at the ideal moment. As a matter of fact, me myself love to depict everyday life. The working title of my blog ‘Life in the street’ is a portray of people and their lives. Also, it’s an endeavor to bring before to everyone quick glimpses of street life. But avoiding homeless as it is not humanitarian and a little penetrating into their fate. Which neither I nor they feel appreciable, or incase I need to, I seek for a permission.

I attempted to shoot street photography in black & white and in color, tried to add some mystery and suspense in the images. Speak less with your photographs and let the viewers do the rest. (Analytical part). Always, focus on taking photographs on special moments and connecting with people. In street photography, other than commercial photography there is no thumb rule to include faces, shoot from the people’s back some strange happening. Not always, need to tell the whole story with your photographs. Add foreground elements to the photographs. Welcome foreground obstructions and give your photograph a different perspective.

Shooting at night using imprecise focus, incorporated blur, grainy film and cropping radically could give amazing effects. While shooting on the streets, it’s always a delight to do, what otherwise, photographers are not supposed. To experience the feeling, us as a part of the streets and the hunt to capture these fleeting movements, we have to have a great reflexes to attend every precious movement on our way. Proper framing, good composition, appropriate focus and sharpness can come secondary in the street photography.

When we say street photography and specially the title I have chosen for my bog ‘The life in the streets’ is because I wanted to portray street life. Where people live, interact and congregate. Photographs must show humanity and society. Here you are more liberate to shoot anytime and anywhere of the day. If you see above picture which was shot at night. When no additional light and any kind of light source was used. Only, the sky light and very far away street light was available. The picture is on the darker side but still one can relate with it. It is telling a story about a man and his work. If you look at the things scattered on the table, it actually justifies his type of work.

Street photography and documentary photography are two sides of the same coin. Where you shoot people, buildings, architecture and anything individually or together to make a story out of it. There is endless to talk about street photography but to be precise about my working title where I took pictures under the subways, under the flyovers, railway tracks and markets. Hence, You find the pictures are vary subject to subject.

To create a memorable street photograph is a combination of content and form. By strong content we mean ( capturing interesting people, scenes and situations) and by form ( framing, composition & background). Although, both are important but as I have discussed above that in street photography, pictures revolve more around the content by capturing moods. Again, what is more important is vision and challenge to grab a mood picture then having an obsession for sharpness and color rendition. However, losing an opportunity to capture a mood, emotion and soul of a person and a scene is not appreciable in street photography.

The above two pictures, formal one. You see three people are involved in it. Each with different emotions and mood. Most of the photographers would have attempted this shot from the front even I would too. But I happened to be at the back while I was finishing my coffee with my other buddy. I suddenly tempted to capture this fleeting movement and I all of the sudden took my camera and clicked. This is how street photography is all about. And later one, its under the subway market. Where a dog became the main element in the photograph. In fact, both are equally important in this particular picture, the dog and the background. Without any of them the picture wouldn’t be so interesting. It has both emotion and soul in it.

So, by concluding here I would like to say. Whosoever inspires to shoot street photography must look for some drama, mood, some sort of story and with all these ingredients you put soul in your pictures. And, I would like to say it’s a great way to explore life and humanity. Each of us spends hours on the roads , streets but never try to see things in different perspective. Because, we are so deluge and obsessed with our desire to have something or in a pain and an anxiety of not having something. But, the moment you start observing the streets, you will have a different mindset and realize that its so colorful.

“Happy shooting..”

– Chetan Vasudeva